We live in a world of smells, some of which irritate us and cause headaches, others

instantly heal and of a bad mood, and from physical ailments. It has always been: aromatherapy in the broad sense of its value already existed in the primitive society, but there was committed by accident. Our ancestors, who, as we know from the textbooks, were engaged in gathering and herding, lighting a fire with those materials that could be found. That came into play, or rather, into the fire, a variety of plants, combustion of which gave off scents have different effects both on humans and on their beast. The man noticed it and began to use his great power for good smells. Smells have always attracted people. In ancient times they used the priests, who burned fragrant plants during the sacred rites, giving them a plaque of mystery. Gradually, the smells were used for other purposes – medicinal and cosmetic. They were used in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, in ancient Rome.

Since ancient times, it is known that smells affect the human body. On the mysterious power of aromas humanity knew from ancient times. Smells like alarm system, enjoys all life – and the plants and animals, and people. Flower, exuding fragrance attracts pollinating insects, animal smell reported to belong to a kind and mean, ready to attack or friendly relations. Well, people like the crown of creation, use scents most widely.