Batumi - a city in Georgia (since 1878), capital of Adjara’s, Black Sea port.

Name “Batumi” comes from the Greek Batiz – that is a deep “deep bay”. Batumi was known in ancient Rome, as a major port city. He was known as Batomi.

   Batumi has arisen on the site of the fortress  Tamariscikhe (Tamara’s castle), rebuilt in 10-13 centuries. In the XVII century. captured by Turkey. By the Treaty of Berlin in 1878 connection to Russia.

After construction in 1883 of the railway Baku – Batumi, refurbishment of the port and the connection Batumi pipeline from Baku (1897-1907), he became a major port, through which Russia was the foreign trade of oil products.  At the end of 19 – and beginning of 20 centuries, Batumi become a large industrial center

All the charm of the southern city and the seaside resort embodies the solar Batumi. It is located on the Black Sea and, like a rich setting, framed by exotic flora subtropics. Palm trees, cypresses, magnolias, oleanders, bamboo, laurel, lemon and orange trees and boxwood fragrance here at every step. Batumi is located in a convenient natural harbor of the Black Sea and is an important seaport for the whole of Georgia. For a romantic picture of the sailing ships from the harbor is best observed from the embankment of Batumi. People call this place Seaside Park Blvd. It surrounds the town on its border with the sea and 2 km long and is always very lively. This is the most popular place like citizens and guests of the capital. It established a symbol of the city – Dolphin with palm branches. Dolphins are year-round floating off the coast of Batumi, becoming an integral part of the image of the resort.

Not far from the boulevard lies the beach. Beaches in Batumi and around the rocky, no sand. To the east of the beach located theaters, cinemas, restaurants and other entertainment. Residential areas are full of Batumi from afar all the colors of the rainbow. The fact is that every house is painted a distinctive color.

To the north of Batumi, near the Cape Verde – Batumi Botanical Garden .Batumi Botanical Garden – one of the largest botanical gardens, located on the area of 111 ha, 9 km from Batumi railway station near Mtsvane Konckhi (Green Cape). He was one of the largest botanical gardens

Batumi Botanical Garden was founded by the Russian botanist and geographer Andrei Krasnov, brother of General Krasnov, in 1880 and formally opened on Nov. 3, 1912. The main task of acclimatization garden Krasnov considered commercially valuable subtropical plants and their introduction into cultivation in southern Russia.

Since 1925, the Batumi Botanical Garden, regarded as the main scientific institutions of the USSR for the development of the Black Sea coast of Caucasus subtropical crops: tea, citrus, etc.

At the beginning of the XXI century consisted of 9 floral departments: humid subtropical Transcaucasia, New Zealand, Australian, Himalayan, East Asian, North American, South American, Mexican and Mediterranean.

The collection of living plants is over 5,000 species, varieties and forms, including about 2 thousand species of trees and shrubs.