Apparatus cosmetology These procedures will bring you real pleasure as the process itself and the immediate results. Physician beautician will help you select an individual program of skin care, which includes not only the procedures performed in our clinic, but also a line for home care. A variety of modern and multifunctional devices and drugs, will make your skin flawless: smooth, smooth, young.

Lymph drainage of the face – are improved by a complexion, strengthens

deducing of slags and toxins, eliminates puffiness, cleans black circles under eyes, enlarges saturation of tissues by oxygen.

miostimuljatsija – Restores a tonus and elasticity of muscles, models face contours.

Myostimulation, restores tone and elasticity of muscles, simulates the contours of the face.

Micro currents - session micro electro currents  therapy provides recovery elasticity, skin turgor, treatment of wrinkles, and also allows to obtain quick results in hyperpigmentation, acne, various cosmetic skin defects.

Ultrasonic cleaning - one of the most popular and effective procedures for modernhardware cosmetology, to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. With the help of ultrasound, the skin is deeply cleansed of impurities, keratinized cells, sebum, sebaceous glands, comedones. At the same time, this type of cleaning is painless and, unlike mechanical way, leaves no visible marks on the skin – redness and swelling. Ultrasonic cleaning is used on the face and in the shoulders and back.

Micro-vibration, carried out by ultrasound, performs the function of micro at the cellular level, thereby activates the metabolism, strengthens the regeneration (updating) of tissue, promotes the formation of collagen and elastin.

One of the main advantages of ultrasound is that this method of peeling removes only the old cells, it is not hurting the new, young. When conducting an ultrasound procedure is peeling skin cleansing, which improves the natural moisturizing skin. As a result of very careful and gentle influence of ultrasound updated upper layer of the epidermis, and the skin becomes wonderfully soft, fresh and updated. A person looks younger, smooth surface wrinkles. In addition, ultrasonic peeling favors penetration into the skin of various cosmetic products.

Ultrasound tones the muscles, giving a facelift, a massage of tissues at the cellular level, phonophoresis can enter into the cells of valuable nutrients cosmetics. The rejuvenating effect is also achieved by the micro-heating of tissues, improve nutrition and oxygen supply of the muscles and skin.