Everyone knows what impact the vacations and holidays on the figure, but scientific studies have proven that the greatest harm we inflict on weekends. Most people on the weekends eat much more than a normal working day. During the week we’re counting calories, doing exercise and eat healthy food, and on Saturday and Sunday trying to persuade themselves that there is nothing terrible will happen if you let yourself relax a little and enjoy some of the joys of life – as we refer to them and the food.

It is well known that women from 40 years and above much more difficult to lose weight, than younger. This is due to many reasons: the fading of fertility and menopause, slowing metabolic processes, genetic predisposition and various chronic diseases. But in any case should not take this as a sad fact of life; refuse to diet and physical activity.

Proper nutrition – above all it is certain and permanent time of eating. This food is distributed within a day by the number of calories, a set of chemical elements, contained in food. Also be sure to take into account a set of dishes and their number. Mature and physically healthy people experts on nutrition recommend eating within a day three or four times

In some diseases, mainly related to the digestive system is to eat five or six times a day. The daily food ration is distributed as follows: a light breakfast, equal to about a third of the daily norm; tight lunch and dinner, make a quarter of the daily quota. Most nutritionists agree that the 4 meals a day – the right choice. Such a system of proper nutrition allows the body to best absorb nutrients and vitamins.

Distribution of products by the hour reception is highly dependent on the composition and energy potential. For example: foods high in protein – meat, fish, legumes is consumed at breakfast or lunch. These products increase the activity of the central nervous system. Before going to sleep is to eat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. They are not stressing the digestive organs. Do not eat at night tea, coffee, spicy seasonings. So you can activate the nervous system and disrupt sleep. Too much food or the lack of sleep also worsen. Receiving food is best to start withsalads or vegetables. Then you activate the activity of the stomach and increase the excretion of gastric juice. This dish should serve not hot 50 degrees and no colder than 10 degrees. For a good assimilation of food, it must be thoroughly chewed. Conversations, TV, books greatly distract from the proper reception of food. Such food is bad and ruins the digestive system.

Eat meals on a schedule and do not abuse it. Correct and consistent meal helps to prevent the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Eat in moderation and within reason, overeating leads to accumulation of fat mass and causes a wide variety of diseases, reduces the activity of the immune system.


General principles of good (proper) nutrition:


1. Food should be fresh. When storing inevitably deteriorate dietary quality. Cooked food should not be left for long. It started to go the processes of fermentation and putrefaction. It is better to eat food immediately after cooking.

2. Proper nutrition should be diversified and balanced. If you eat in the workplace, better book deliveryservices to the office. This will allow you to maintain a varied and balanced diet. The more different products included in the diet, the more biologically active substances enters the body.

3. In the diet must be present raw vegetables and fruits. In the raw fruit is concentrated life-giving power, they remain significantly more vitamins and minerals than cooked. Raw vegetables and fruits increase the rate of metabolic processes. For overweight people, phlegmatic, prone to depressive states very well to include in the diet of raw vegetables and fruits, to increase the rate of metabolic processes. People are the same with increased excitability better eat vegetables and fruit, steamed or in the oven.

4. Seasonal food. In spring and summer should increase the number of plant foods. In winter, on the contrary it is expedient to add to the diet of foods rich in proteins and fats.

5. Dietary restrictions. Weight gain is always develops on the background of energy imbalance, so weight loss is necessary to limit the energy value of diet. In addition, obesity reduces efficiency, causing fatigue.

6. A certain combination of products. You can not have incompatible dishes, and is a mandatory rule. In bad food combinations in the intestines and stimulates the process of fermentation and rotting food, and in the body accumulates toxins. If we take into account the fact that about 90 percent of people aged over 40 years suffer from bloating, heartburn, pain in the mouth, constipation, etc., all of them should think about changing the nature of power.

7. From the food we need to get maximum pleasure. First of all, we must abandon the rush during the meal, from unpleasant conversation and reading.

And so brought forth the result under: nutrition, as a way of life – is a varied, fresh food in moderate quantities are eaten in the fun.