It is used as addition to anti-cellulite programs for figure correction. Such massage do every other day, and the maximum effect is reached at performance of 10-15 procedures. Honey with milk – the oldest prescription of beauty.

Honey easily and completely enters into the body through a skin, making a skin optimally hydrated, activates the metabolism, strengthens the body contours

Application of this mask is possible not only to the whole body, face, neck and a décolleté, but also on the hair. .

Honey back massage (medical). recommended at an osteochondrosis, a bronchitis, a pneumonia. It is spent with use of natural bee honey – the product, containing a large quantity of mineral substances, a uterine milk (a natural antibiotic), vitamin E and many other biologically active substances. At massage there is a circulation improvement, metabolism normalization in tissues, deducing of products of an exchange and surpluses of water through pores, improvement of structure of a skin (silkiness, elasticity, smoothness).


Duration of procedure 1 hour of 00 mines

Procedure cost: 35 Gel