Sharko’s shower, Scottish shower.


             Sharko’s shower improves blood circulation, has a positive effect on the central nervous system and metabolism, relieves muscle tension, is effective in the prevention of cellulite and figure correction. This shower “shock” type with a reduced impact zone, applied at a distance of 3 to 4 meters.

“Scottish” shower – the impact of jets with variable temperature, like the soul of contrast improves the tone of peripheral vessels, management of blood pressure.

15-minute procedure quickly relieves stress and improves muscle tone. Directional Spot massage improves blood and lymph circulation and increase cellular metabolism, contributing to cleans the body, which in turn, improves the overall health and positive effect on the skin. Such procedure combines several types of hydrotherapy.

Duration 15 min

The cost of the procedure: 10 Gel

           Circular, Rain and Ascending showers


Circular shower: This is a system of pipes, arranged in a semicircle with small holes on the inner diameter. Formed with the help of a jet of water allow point massage the patients whole body. In the case of a correct choice of water temperature with the help of mixers, shower stimulates the central nervous system, improves blood flow to the skin. The optimum pressure for this procedure – 1,5 atm. The water temperature gradually reduced from 36º C in the first procedures to 25º C by the end of treatment.

Rain showers may serve as a supplement to the circular soul, and to work separately. Technically, provides for the possibility of contrasting treatments – hot or cold rain shower in combination, respectively, with cold or hot circular

Ascending shower allows for pressure point massage the internal organs of small pelvis The therapeutic effects of these procedures include the improvement of the immune system, decrease pain syndromes, maintaining a normal weight, decrease cellulite, strengthening the nervous system and improve the general psycho-physical state


Duration 15 min

The cost of the procedure: 10 Gel

Baths: pearl, aromatic, from sea salt, mineral water, Cleopatra, with oils, with flower petals


            Bath is equipped with massage jets and lighting, it has relaxing effect on the nervous system. Unique bath on the basis of essential oils, mineral salts, or milk protein with natural plant extracts and herbs. It has powerful cleansing, draining, relaxing effect on the organism. Petals of flowers adorn the procedure and significantly improve the mood of patients.

Milk baths are a source of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and restore the body after stress, illness, heavy physical exertion. Possess a rejuvenating effect by stimulating recovery and regeneration of cells of the epidermis, effectively nourish, soften and moisturize the skin. Ingredients: jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, milk protein, vitamin E. The complex of essential oils in accordance with the selected line.

Duration of procedure of 15-20 mines

Procedure cost: 7,50 Gel

Underwater shower-massage



             Underwater massage favorably differs from the classical, since the patient is in water of comfortable temperature that in regular intervals warms a body and prepares it for influence of a massage stream. Thus in a skin and a subcutaneously-fatty layer, muscular and articulate tissues the metabolic processes promoting improvement improve.

Body massages strong water stream. The body throws off tension, relaxes, becomes more mobile and flexible, the figure becomes the desired shape by reducing body fat, removing toxins and active microcirculation. The big useful volume (570-600 liters) and the original form of the bed with a different level stops for the legs, an emphasis for arms and the headrest allows the patient to any body in a convenient location during the procedure as he lay both on a back, and on abdomen.

Duration 15-20 min

The cost of the procedure: 10 Gel

Spa pool with Jacuzzi, simulator counter free, waterfall.



              Pool with a full set of procedures whirlpool, cascade shower and Jacuzzi, beautifully furnished lounge – required attributes of any SPA-hotel. This ensures a comprehensive and individual approach to each guest.

In our pool you can relax in the Jacuzzi, swim towards the wave, stand under the stream of “Cobra” and all this is available for children. The depth of the pool from 0,7 to 1,7 m

Duration 1,5-2,0 hours

Procedure cost: for livings free of charge

For visitors 18 Gel