Cedar barrel (phytosauna) – helps to get rid of many illnesses, rejuvenates an organism.

The combination of the steam sated with medicinal herbs, which moves in a cabin from the Siberian cedar of which it is made, well operates on the person. The cedar is considered a tree-pharmacist. Its wood allocates phytoncides,  which kill and suppress growth and development of harmful microorganisms.

Still Slavic sorcerers for treatment of many illnesses used cedar barrels with herbal potions. And presently, despite many achievements of a civilization, this way of purification of soul and a body remains effective and popular.

The inactive way of life, stresses, a food on the move, tobacco and alcohol lead a human body to chronic diseases. How again to become healthy? Very simply, get in a phyto flank, made of a cedar! You “Will bathe” in curative to pair and as a new on light was born.

From hot steam which enters the “Cedar barrel” by means of the special adaptation blood vessels extend, the blood flows to a skin, muscles, joints, to all internal. The plentiful diaphoresis, a body opens as if becomes covered by a streaming wave and you feel as  together with then from you leaves illness. The metabolism is thus normalised, the skin is cleared and rejuvenates.

It is considered that grasses are acquired by an organism through a skin for 40 percent more effectively than if to drink infusion from them. The razogretaja skin well perceives grasses which continue the action and after you leave from cedar flanks. Medicative herb microdrops remained on a skin continue to get in an organism.