In our restaurant we offer meals on the choice of tourists. If desired, we can provide special diets for weight loss, or for weight gain, special diet food for different diseases.

The proposed standard set of products and foods enriched with a variety of dishes from the low-calorie food: salads, vegetables and fruit soufflé, chops, hot dishes.



Everyone knows what to eat properly, but most believe that good nutrition grease, and therefore not good to eat. However, there are many recipes for good nutrition are not only tasty, but also contribute to weight loss.

Healthy eating is the basis of our worldview. We can offer you a reduced calorie, purifying, dissociated diet.

For lovers of full board, given the menu for each day, with a choice of 3-4 dishes to order for lunch and dinner.

Breakfast – Swedish table. Afternoon snack – bread rolls, pastries, tea and coffee.

Dishes of European and Georgian cuisine.

On the beach, vacationers have the opportunity to use the services of the bar. Here, apart from soft drinks, ice cream, chilled fruit and fresh-squeezed juices, may offer and hot dishes, including grilled, baked on the hot stone and Turkish shawarma, as well as Turkish coffee on the sand, beer and spirits drinks.