Kolkheti National Park, founded in 1935 on the Black Sea, near of Lake Paliastomi. To the east it

borders the river Ecery,  from the south river Pichora. The area is 561 hectares.

Paliastomi Lake - a small lake in the Colchis Lowland. Located near the mouth of the Rioni River.  It is a rather estuary, a lake, because it feeds on small rivers P1ichory and Kaparcha, flowing into it small mouth of the Black Sea. On the shore of the lake is the Georgian town Poti.

The surface area of the lake is 18,2 km ². The average depth of 2,6 m, maximum – 3,2 m. Before 1933, freshwater lake, and later an open lagoon with water, marine type, freshwater floods in river waters.

In 1961, on the lake bottom archaeologists found traces of settlements II century. The area is a possible location of the town Phasis.

At the lake held walking tours, during which arranged sport fishing, picnics, an overview of migratory birds, etc.


          Principality of Guria (Georgian გურიის სამთავრო) – State in the territory of the historical region of Guria in western Georgia in XIV – beg. XIX centuries.

Operates one of the branches of the dynasty Vardanidze-Dadiani known as Gurieli. In addition to Guria, in the Principality of Guria included Acar (Ajaria) with the city of Batumi. In the XV-XVIII centuries. rulers Principality of Guria, with varying success have been fighting with

the Ottoman Empire over its southern province. In the middle of the XVI century Ottoman troops conquered the region Chanet (Lazistan) and invaded Acar. In 1609, Gurian princes returned to Batumi, but in the XVIII century. Acar from Batumi, Kobuleti and Gino were conquered by the Turks. During the anti-Ottoman wars and strife Principality of Guria fell into decay, resulting in his re-princes became vassals of the kings of Imereti.

After the accession of Georgia to Russia (1801) between the Russian Empire and Gurian prince Mamiey V 19 June 1810 was awarded a contract under which the Principality of Guria passed under Russian protectorate, and declared self-governing possession. But in 1828 during the reign of the last prince of David Gurieli autonomy of the principality was finally abolished.

Currently, Guria has many attractions, from which we offer you a look monastery complex Shemokmedi, Dzhiheti monastery, churches Jumat and Lihauri.