The fangotherapy stimulates a metabolism, promotes a resorption of the centres of an inflammation. Therapeutic mud has antimicrobial effects, since it contains natural antibiotics In medical muds there are all substances and the trace substances necessary for the person, and these substances is unique are balanced.

Muds are used in thalassotherapy for a deep drainage of a lymph and cellulitis treatment, and as a SPA treatment of diseases of a skin, organs of a pelvic and musculoskeletal system.

In the mechanism of curative action of a mud the essential role is played by normalisation of metabolic processes: carbohydrate, protein, lipid. Under the influence of mud activates fat metabolism due to mobilization of fat depots (subcutaneous fat), changing the components of protein-carbohydrate complexes, which normalizes the state of the connective tissue and reduces the formation of coarse fractions.

Procedure of a mud wrapping allows to achieve fast saturation of tissues and an organism as a whole trace substances.

Mud masks.

For masks elite cosmetic preparations on the basis of sea muds which are put on the face and a body in a certain regimen are used.