Before coming to SPA-saloon it is recommended, to take off all jewelry (earrings “pinks” can not shoot). Please do not leave valuables in a locker in the locker room

Employees will explain you an order of carrying out of your procedures.

Depending on exactly what procedure you choose, you may be asked to fill out the questionnaire about your health.. Please, attentively answer all questions and necessarily consult to our experts in case you have any questions or doubts concerning your health and state of health.

Come early. Being late, you reduce the time of their procedures. Your procedures should end at the scheduled time, regardless of whether you come on time or delayed.


Women in SPA

Pregnancy: During pregnancy it is better to avoid the procedures demanding deep pressing, and alsohydrotherapeutic procedures with hot water. Warn necessarily in advance our experts about the condition, thus we can pick up for you suitable procedures.

We ask women not to visit pool during a menses. You can transfer this procedure for other day convenient for you.

Before procedures on care of a body we recommend to undress completely. In SPA centre will give you a dressing gown and disposable slippers. During procedures our masseurs drape intimate parts of your body. In the majority of rooms for medical procedures there is a bathroom or a shower.. In most treatment rooms have bath or shower. Many sets of procedures you play a special time for private bathing or showering.


Visiting SPA by children

In SPA are supposed children from 16 years. Children of more younger age can register in procedures (except for pool) but provided that they will be accompanied by someone from adults.


In SPA  it is forbidden

Smoking and consumption of spirits on territories SPA is forbidden. For reception of the maximum effect from procedures it is not recommended to take alcohol within 8 hours. SPA centre is framed for a relaxation and silence, please, respect the right to silence and calmness other visitors SPA . Using mobile phones and other electronic devices on territories SPA  is forbidden.


Cancellation of SPA procedures

To cancel the reserved procedures or to change time probably not less, than for 24 hours prior to the beginning of procedure. Otherwise you pay completely all package of the procedures ordered by you