Sun deck (Solarium)


         The sun – a life source on the Earth. Solar beams give energy and pleasure of a life to people, animals and plants. However, more often we irrationally use a solar energy: we will be overzealous in acceptance of solar baths in the summer, for what we pay off with solar combustions, and we suffer from a disadvantage of the substances developed by our organism under the influence of ultra-violet beams in the winter.


         ”Pluses” and sun deck “minuses”


        • Under the influence of UV-beams formation of the vitamin D necessary for an organism for assimilation of calcium and phosphorus, muscles “answering” for strengthening and bones and for healing of wounds is activated.

• UV-beams activate the majority of the processes occurring in an organism – breath, a metabolism, a circulation and endocrine activity.

• in the Winter and in the spring when protective functions of an organism are weakened, UV-beams help to struggle with catarrhal diseases.

• Doubtless advantage UV-beams at treatment of various dermal diseases, such as an eczema, a psoriasis, угревая bring an eruption and many other things. The main thing here – not to self-medicate and not to visit a sun deck without preliminary consultation of the doctor.

• That who suffers from the easy form of spots on a skin, the sun deck usually helps. The skin dries up a little both the ultraviolet makes disinfectant and improving impact on a skin.

• Sunburn in a sun deck perfectly prepares acyanotic after winter a skin for the active summer sun. Some sessions in a sun deck before a trip to the sea especially are recommended.

• Sunburn in a sun deck is considered less harmful to a skin, than natural. First, “the artificial sun” does not contain UV-beams of type With, harmful to a skin, and secondly, the 20-minute session on the effect is peer a sun deck to several hours on a beach.

• UV-beams positively influence a potency at men.

• At last, UV-beams influence and our composure, struggle with stresses and simply improve mood.

However, sunburn in a sun deck has also negative sides, neglect with which can lead to undesirable consequences.

• Acquiring a tan in a sun deck, it is necessary to be careful, as ultra-violet beams influence development of oncologic diseases of a skin.

• Too the ultraviolet considerable quantity does a skin dry, rasping, subject to presenilation.

• In certain cases a strong dermal inflammation of sebaceous glands the solar irradiation can render a boomerang effect – instead of подсушивания spots there can be a dermal eruption.

• it is necessary to abstain From sun deck visiting in pregnancy, to the oncologic patient and the people accepting antiallergenic and antidepressive preparations (in them substances which at fire can cause occurrence of nevuses pigmentosus contain).

For achievement of the best result aspire to a golden mean. The sun and beauty kingdom is worthy of it, that him to visit. Try and be convinced!


Duration of procedure no more than 15 mines

Procedure cost for one minute: 1 Gel