The medical technology of purification of an organism of SPA – Efferent is developed in the Moscow Center

of acute poisonings and the Scientifically-methodical centre  « Global Lavage».LTD

The purgation method consists in a lavage in a natural direction of all gastroenteric tract a special saline solution for the purpose of organism detoxicating.

For purgation carrying out use a saline electrolytic enteral solution into which structure enter a potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, chlorine, and also sulphur and Carboneum.

As a result of intestinal lavage removes various toxins, allergens, improves the function of the intestine, bile system, the condition of a microbes background, decreases permeability of an intestinal wall for toxins, allergens, various microbes.

The purgation is the most effective at a diarrhea, constipations, a biliary dyskinesia, enterocolitis, intestinal dysbiosis, alcohol hangover, as well as allergies, acne, furunculosis, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis.

Intestinal cleansing is recommended to individuals after taking antibiotics, the error of the diet, in which not enough fiber, as well as those leading a sedentary lifestyle which trade is connected with frequent stressful situations.

SPA efferens shown to all persons with metabolic disorders.

Indications for spa Efferens:

• Dysbacteriosis ”

• Errors in the diet, the diet was not sufficient amount of fiber;

- With a chaotic food;

- Leading a sedentary lifestyle, and prone to obesity;

- Prone to frequent colds;

- Business,  connected with stressful situations and other health hazards

• Dermatological diseases

• Allergic diseases

• Constipation

• exotoxicoses

• endo- and ekzotoxicoses

• Alcohol hangover, booze

After the first procedure of purgation, the most part of patients feels ease in a body, inflow of forces and the energies, some patients note delicacy, small drowsiness. Repeated procedures are perceived much easier and appear more effective. After three and more procedures the dream improves, there is a healthy shine of eyes, the vitality raises.

The most appreciable effect from a purgation is observed at a biliary dyskinesia, a constipation, a food allergy, an eczema, an alcoholic hungover syndrome. Improvement of quality of cosmetology services is doubtless.

Recommended number of procedures on a course – from 4 to 10. The interval between first three procedures makes 2-3 days, then is gradually enlarged till 7 days