Wrapping – one of the procedures most known and favourite by women in struggle against superfluous kilograms and cellulites treatment. Distinguish seaweed wrappings, wrappings a mud, clay. Today many clinics offer also wrappings chocolate, honey. By the way, wrappings seaweed, a mud wrapping, a wrapping silt – have thousand-year history. Still ancient Romans restored the health by means of a wrapping seaweed with application of wines and infusions.

Indications to a wrapping. The basic indications to thalassotherapy:

• a cellulitis,

• local fatty adjournment,

• a skin which has lost elasticity after the delivery, weight losses etc.,

• “a goose” skin (hyperkeratosis),

• a problem skin with cicatrixes, extensions, congestive maculae,

• the dry, sensitive skin inclined to an ecdysis,

• an allergy and eczemas.

The effect reached thanks to wrappings.

The cosmetic effect of procedures of a wrapping with seaweed is rather expressed. Your skin becomes


smooth and healthy, radiates a youth. At numerous application, superfluous kgs and cellulitis signs disappear. The skin gets rid of excesses of a fabric liquid, becomes healthy and beautiful: its tonus and elasticity raises, the cellulitis decreases.


Our salon spends all kinds of wrappings By means of our first class experts of all for some procedures lasting 1,5 – 2 hours, you can become the owner of a beautiful skin and a harmonous figure! For result improvement it is  possible to combine with lymph drainage massage which


promotes a drainage of tissues and a conclusion of slags. Wrappings are very effective and expedient, when them spend a course: from 10 to 20 procedures, then a supporting course once a month.