Conversations general massage (full body massage) can serve as a means of relaxation, stress relief, calming, and as (depending on the applied massage techniques), by contrast, can provide a tonic, reassuring effect on all the energy centers of the body. During the sessions, general massage specialist separate account can be given to the detailed elaboration of “problem” areas according to your wishes (back, sacral area, and the collar zone).

Classical massage – an ancient and, at the same time, modern and highly effective therapeutic and preventive method.

Massage promotes removal of pain, edema, adhesions, accelerates healing of injuries. Massage strengthens the joints and ligaments, reduces muscle fatigue, improves overall performance rights, normalizes sexual function.

Techniques of classical massage is always chosen according to individual patient’s age, health status.

If you want to feel young, fresh and full of energy, human efficiency – classical massage – for you!

Duration of procedure 1 hour 00 minutes

Cost of procedure: 25 Gel