The version of the massage based on the effects of vacuum on the affected cellulite or requiring adjustment areas (zones). It is carried out on the apparatus or manually. Vacuum massage treats by using cans, inside which creates a vacuum. Such exposure increases the supply of tissue oxygen, metabolic rate and improves circulation. The skin is updated and strengthened, which leads to even address the effect of “orange peel”.

In cosmetology vacuum massage is applied actively to treatment of a cellulite in the field of breeches, on a back surface of hips and zones by “riding breeches”, and also for elimination of effect of an orange-peel. However, vacuum massage can be spent and on all body.

Vacuum massage tones the muscles, holding a small lift, restores skin elasticity, helps relieve these symptoms.

Therefore, vacuum massage used to improve and strengthen the body contours,, that is, figure modeling, for smoothing of folds, improvement of a complexion and correction of a face form, a double chin.

If you wish to correct quickly enough the figure and the person, vacuum massage is very effective method.


Duration of procedure 1 hour of 20 mines

Procedure cost: 40 Gel