In recent years, the world embraced SPA mania. Visit SPA resort considered fashionable and prestigious, shows on the financial well-being. In the SPA centers people will dump from everything: from wrinkles, money,  cellulite, negative emotions, toxins and other things. As a reward are health, youth and inspiration.

SPA – is the name of the Belgian town in the Ardennes, a famous spa resort. But the very acronym SPA invented by the ancient Romans.

Sanus per aquam - health from water. The Romans got rid of ailments and diseases by bathing in hot springs and taking baths with thermal water. This method of healing and became known as SPA

SPA salons offer many programs designed specifically for men, women and programs for two. At the weekend, to restore calm and tranquility should be in the spa salon two to three hours, then to all week radiate energy. There is a spa programs focused on stress management. There SPA procedures, which are aimed at treatment or prevention of chronic diseases. The result of visiting the SPA is sure to become a good mood, good spirits, healthy sleep, recovered strength and improved appearance.

In our spa hotel designed the most effective procedures for body,

face, head, arms and legs with a visit to the infrared and Finnish saunas, showers (Cascade, Circular, Sharko), bathtubs, whirlpool, cedar barrels, indoor pool with waterfall and a backward wave . After all Spa treatments and water recreation you can sit back in a recreation area with special lighting, music, flowers and berries.  You will be offered excellent teas and freshly squeezed juices, cocktails and salads.